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A passion turned into a business

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Hey everyone. Welcome to my blog. I wanted to share a little about myself, my background and how my business got started!!

This business started before I even realized it was a business. I have always had a passion for baking, ever since I was a little girl! My husband and I had a Business Called Natural Truth Nutrition where we used to do meal plans for people who were looking to compete and who were just interested in living a healthy lifestyle!

When I was a nutrition coach, I would always share healthy dessert and breakfast recipes with my clients to help them with their meal planning. I didn’t want them to feel like they were on such a strict diet that they couldn’t stick to it. This is how I started creating healthy recipes for myself and others. My clients would always tell me that they appreciated me sharing it, but they would rather me make it and they would just pay me for it! Well being a competitor myself, having a one year old and working as a trainer and nutrition coach, I didn’t have time for much else!!

Fast forward to 2020, when COVID happened. I was working as a head Personal trainer at a gym, had a one and 1/2 year old and was pregnant with our second child. We had just found out it was a little girl a couple days earlier, when tragedy struck and we lost her at 15 weeks!! It was by far one of the hardest things I have ever been through. The world was shutting down, I had just lost my baby and the only thing that helped me through it was BAKING!!!

I started baking every day just a stress reliever, and then started sharing it with family and friends. They started sharing it on Facebook and Instagram and more and more people started reaching out to me asking me if I could bake for them as well. That is when SINLESS SWEETS was created!!! I wanted to help people stay on track with their diets and meal plans, but also wanted to give them healthy breakfast and dessert options that they could enjoy without feeling guilty about it.

I would get up each morning, fulfill orders and then pack up my one year old and drive around and deliver goodies to people when they couldn’t leave their homes. We did this most days, so I could help provide for my family when the gym was shut down and I didn’t have an income coming in.

I started taking every day recipes for cookies, cakes, dessert bars and pastries and turning them into my own healthy recipes. I changed out the flours, sugars, and all the high carb ingredients to make them healthy, sugar free, low carb and keto.

I love helping people and seeing them succeed in their weight loss journey. One of my favorite things about my job though, is specializing in healthy, dairy free, vegan and gluten free options so little kids with allergies who have never been able to have cake before, are able to have cake on their birthday!!

I am so excited to share my passion for baking with all of you. I can’t thank all of you enough for all your love and support over this last year!!


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