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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Hey ya'll!! Allow me to introduce myself, My Name is Amber Connor, and I am originally from Beaufort SC. I grew up in a house where my mom was always baking (not healthy of course), but baking just the same. I would like to think I get my love of baking from her!!

I am a self taught healthy baker, nutrition coach, wife and mom. I am currently living in Augusta, Ga with my husband, 3 year old son and baby number two on the way. Life is crazy, busy, and so much fun, and I can't say I would want it any other way!! Im sure all of you working moms out there can relate!!

Most of my inspiration comes from cookbooks, dessert shops that I drag my husband into, and a nagging itch to create things with my own two hands.

This made to order bakery all started with my passion for baking healthy. As a nutrition coach, I was always searching for healthy recipes for my clients. Desserts mainly, bc lets be honest, who doesn't love chocolate?! Well, truth be told, there wasn't really anything out there. I found myself recreating recipes I found online or on Pinterest! That is when I decided to start experimenting with healthy desserts for myself.

I come from a competetive fitness background, where I spent most of my time counting calories, carbs, & fats and in case ya'll didnt know this, CHOCOLATE doesn't really fit anywhere in that equation. So began my healthy baking experimentation!! I started using different healthy flours, sugar free sweetners and chocolate alternatives to come up with the perfect sweet treats!!! That is when SINLESS SWEETS was created!!!

Shoot me a note if you’d like to work together. I like pairing up with brands and makers that feel at home in my kitchen, so if you think that’s you, let’s chat!

For more cakes and cute baby photos, follow me on Instagram @amberkuhn29 and @sinlesssweettreats

🍪Happy Baking🎂

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